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Jump Into The Cypher - Written On Your Psyche - Grounded (CD, Album)

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  1. You will also have a 3 month grace period to release your song before the royalty free period begins. If royalties become due, the author agrees to a discounted royalty rate of 75% of the current statuatory rate per unit. The author requests a written credit to be included .
  2. Psyche is the debut studio album released by British recording duo PJ & Duncan, now better known as Ant & prizansubvetajosaparkticlenanta.xyzinfoing on the album began in , following the release of a track the duo performed during their time on Byker Grove, "Rip it Up".The song was then re-worked into their debut single, "Tonight I'm Free", which was released in December on Telstar prizansubvetajosaparkticlenanta.xyzinfo: Hip hop, teen pop.
  3. YouTube Cypher, Vol. 1 Lyrics: Woo, who made this beat? / Nato! Okay / Let's trace it back just a couple years / Nah, wait a minute, better yet, like nine / When I put my first music vid online.
  4. Lyrics to 'Psypher 3' by ICP: Violent J Well DJ Clay came with a dope track to roll with, underground like Anna Nicole Smith Big J, Duke of the darkness turn the best rapper alive into a carcass I might keep my hand just like a pipe bomb sweeter than coconut pie, right mom? J-U double G-A to the LO, letchya nuts hang straight to the flo, yes, I like fat on my chicks ass, poundage, that make my.
  5. Psyche Corp. is a dark fairytale cyberpunk/steampunk band named after a dream manufacture group from a future where widespread neural implants have allowed people to jack their nerve endings directly into the internet and download dreams. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as the surreal psychological landscapes of sleeping minds.
  6. Empty the promises into their bottomless ego, no royalties, do it for free That ain't it, got no brain and no grip My name's Rain, I don't slip Shout-out to Crypt Come into my mind and sit Try to follow along, it's too quick Yuh [Blindsight:] (YouTube Cypher bitch) I don't need to rhyme, fuck a punchline.
  7. RAW Cypher 2 Lyrics: Uh / Why you so dusty, boy I live plush / 8AM, roll up, get sucked / pounds, throw it on a big truck / Get your chips up, Bern pulled up in a Benz truck / Where your.
  8. This is a CD re-release of Harry Nilsson's "Nilsson Schmilsson" album for RCA records. It contains 10 tracks from the original (vinyl) release plus 6 bonus tracks. The booklet that comes with it is a 6-page treasure trove of photos, and artwork from the original album as well as the singles.
  9. Anything cyclical. If your freestyling, you rap in a cypher (one after the other). Interrupting another man will break that cypher (unless he's next in line and the dude behind him is falling off). The same concept applies to burning; there is a set order to who hits next (pass it to the left my friends). Never break the damn cipher.

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